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From the the days whenever having an extreme desire for personal computers and technologies ended up being thought about a terrible thing.  We never ever realized what those men in my highschool happened to be undertaking, hunched over their particular old-school mac computer systems and talking about RAM.  It seemed like a different vocabulary and therefore nerdy!  Quickly onward a few years, and men that into techy, computer things come into popular as there are only something about those so-called “nerds” that a lot of females are unable to get enough of, including myself personally!  Exactly what do I state, I have a weakness for a man who knows their means around a hard drive possesses their method with HTML.  Listed here are my leading five reasons to date a personal computer geek…and i ought to understand, I’m online dating certainly one of my own!

1. They can correct everything.  This is particularly handy for females just like me that a propensity to break situations a lot ???? .  But here is the thing, whether or not the guy doesn’t understand how to correct something-for example, your car or laptop computer, he’s going to google it until he’s bluish from inside the face.  He’ll pull-up lessons on Youtube, download thorough pdfs, and obtain work accomplished.  A pc technical will never say “I don’t know how exactly to accomplish that…”, the guy always figures it out-and that sort of determination is fairly damn gorgeous.

2. They have his hands regarding the pulse of society. We start thinking about me a very Internet experienced girl and a whole social networking addict. Computer geeks go on it one step further though.  They know exactly what websites to go to as soon as, for all the finest and a lot of up-to-date info.  My personal sweetheart consistently g-chats myself website links through-out the day of busting development stories that I haven’t also heard about, whether or not i am closed into twitter/facebook/foursquare…which I always am! I’ll most likely never know how the guy does it, but we anticipate my personal gchats everyday.

3. They don’t need continual attention.  You know how some men require non-stop praise and attention?  Maybe not computer geeks. They’ve discovered to tackle themselves, which can be fantastic when you really need receive your own material done!   This business include happiest when it is merely  them, some music in addition to their additional hard disks.  Hmm..that sounded quite dirtier than I supposed!  You simply won’t must continuously host them-they wouldn’t run out of points to explore online.

4. You’ll never wander off.  A few weeks in the past, my personal boyfriend took me on a birthday trip to bay area.  We’d not a clue where to go to consume, to search, to explore and did not carry out a great deal preparing in advance of the time.  I found myself a little concerned that individuals’d lose out on some good spots, not after all!  The guy just busted out his iphone, google maps, yelp, urban scoop and navigated us round the town like he was my own private tour manual.  It had been very fun, and that I thought very cared for.  In case you are browsing do that though and only count on portable innovation, ensure you seize the phone charger on the road out the door.

5. You’ll always get a great deal.  Before I started online dating my boyfriend, I wasn’t the biggest enthusiast of shopping on the web.  It appeared a pain in ass and much more expensive as soon as you considered delivery and that I liked the instant gratification you receive from taking walks into a local store and walking-out with something new.  My personal boyfriend launched me to the industry of Ebay (yes, I hadn’t made use of Ebay before, don’t determine), searching on the internet for discount coupons for discounts and free shipping, and revealed me personally the beauty of reading reviews-now we study reviews on almost anything before I purchase it, it is some new weird dependency.  Sure, i may need certainly to hold off several days your post to-arrive but i have conserved so much money since I have started utilizing their little tips that I’ll never get back to my outdated shopping routines!

 Have you dated a computer nerd?

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